Rubiera is located in a strategic location on the main road Via Emilia, very close to the two provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Just a stone’s throw from the Sun Hotel, you will find Rubiera’s city centre, where you can enjoy the historic centre, the many beautiful places to dine and have a good glass of wine.

Beautiful buildings are only a stone’s throw from us…

Walking through the historic city centre, between “Sacrati Palace” and that of “Podestà”, you will see the ancient Parish Church of Rubiera, which appeared in 1302 under the name of Saint Donnino and Saint Biagio. The Parish church, was initially established as a parish office, later a cemetery, after that a barn and finally today as a home. You will notice the current church, which is also located on the same side of the Via Emilia, it was built at the beginning of the ‘700 and later on renovated by prof. Ernesto Manzini, from the Institute of Fine Arts in Modena.
Your sightseeing tour will continue with the Town Hall, Sacrati Palace and Civic Palace, which today hosts the Public Library, representing the two more architecturally prized buildings. The Civic Palace, which embodies Renaissance traces, once represented the seat of the Podestà. On the same side of Sacrati Palace, you will notice the historic roofed sidewalk colonnades, also called “portici”, marked by a solid 16th century tower.

For those who love history and culture

While walking in town do not forget to look out for the many 15th century references in the houses, including the beautiful coffered ceilings. Today the head office of Credito Emiliano’s bank, presents itself with the remains of the orgival arch on the entrance door of the headquarters and of the house, located exactly next to the Parish Church, on which stands the well-known, town hallmark 15th century Clock Tower. More evidence of the origins of the village is given by the Fortress, which was built in 1200 by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Rubiera’s province. The Fortress was originally built to defend the Via Emilia and the transit on the river Secchia, utilized to safeguard from the use of the river’s waters. Your last stop of the tour could be the Herbaria Theatre, originally from 1926, completely restored and now in Art Nouveau style.

where to eat in Rubiera

In Rubiera we recommend several trattorie, where you will be able to sample typical products of our fine cuisine. Among the best ones in the area, we would suggest “Trattoria da Toschi” and “Locanda di Sant’Agata”, just ask reception to book you a table, you will not be disappointed.
For a good pizza, we recommend several pizzeras nearby, such as “Pizzikotto” pizzeria restaurant, “Da Noi Due pizzeria” and “Ohh Pasillo pizzeria”. If you fancy Japanese, you should definitely try our neighbouring Japanese restaurant “Crudo” or “Sushiko”, which is a 100m from us.
For a nice dinner and maybe a good beer followed by a new film at the cinema, the “Giustospirito brewery” is only 200m away from our doorstep, just behind “Emiro” the neighbour multiplex cinema. And last but not least, if you would like to take with you a taste of what gourmets consider a temple of Emilian cuisine, you should try the well-known restaurant “Arnaldo”, walking distance from our hotel.